Saturday, March 27, 2010

God's Plan

God won't give us more than we can handle. So if you think He's overwhelming you with too much stuff your probably doing too much stuff He doesn't want you to do or He's challenging you. Remember it's His plan, not yours. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

i need, i wish,i want, i hope

i need an itouch. i wish my parents wont get divorced. i want money. i hope my house isn't foreclosed. i need more cloths. i wish i had a mother and father. i want to go on vacation. i hope my brother isn't drunk. i need a cell phone. i wish i had some where to call home. i want air conditioning. i hope that there's food in the fridge.

what if

what if instead of being born in the united states you were born in the poorest part of africa. your life would be completely different. but it just so happens that God placed you here with plenty of clean water we take for granit. in fact to stick with that matter, most of us just go to the sink with running water and not even have to worry about what type of dirty waste is in it. although God didn't place us here in the U.S. to sit on the couch and watch T.V. or sit in a casino and gammble our money. he placed us here for a BIG reason. you might not know what this reason is yet wether your 5 or 50 but i give you a challenge. try to find out what that BIG reason is. it wouldn't hurt to try, besides once you find out your BIG reason is and actually do it i bet that God will have the biggest smile on his face than ever. so next time you go to the sink to get a glass of water think of this little saying: what if......

Saturday, March 20, 2010


in our lives we usually have someone who we look up to. in my case it's katy. she's always there to ta lk to. to draw with. get ideas from. listen to taylor swift songs. eat cinnimon sugar apples. hide letters in the frezzer that my parents havn't found out about yet. you know....stuff like that. or to make it simple: memories that last forever. so thanks katy, for being an incredable person. you've made my life amazingly different.


we all have you might be embrassed by know like when they pull their pants up way above their waste and expect you to do the same.or maybe they will dance to hip hop songs that they really shouldn't even know.but the truth is that even though they might embrass you they love you.i bet their love for you is so strong and wide it expands from one part of the world and back a million times.(even if you don't think so!)

Our Time

Our time together was unforgetable.I will always remember the laughs,the crys,the groans,the moans,but most importianly i will remember the times we spent with one another.

In loving memory of: Kizzy