Monday, August 22, 2011

real friends

i found my real friends. the ones who were always there, whether i needed them or not. the real friends who saw past my plastic smile. the people who knew what to say. my friends who made me laugh when i was beside myself. the kids who prayed for me. my friends who worshiped with me. they have been around for years now. never left my side. but i was thinking about it. and these are my real friends. although sometimes they feel like brothers and sisters.. :) and today and everyday from now on, i will thank God for them.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Real Me by Natalie Grant

my best friend & i together.

we sit on the beach together and laugh for hours. we talk to random people in different states telling them how we are "city girls". we trip over the same step together. we watch chick flicks and cry together. we do each others hair and make-up. we tell each other the truth about what outfit looks horrendous. we can laugh and sing in a tent together during a flood. we get sick of each other...together. we stay up all night together, having the funniest conversations ever. we dream together, thinking about our future. we pray together, realizing that we aren't going to be "that magazine girl." we give thanks together,praising God for all the experiences and people we have met and have been able to serve. we are who we are... together. followers of Jesus Christ.