Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a girl and her family

i met a girl.not just a girl.a girl who is a little bit different.a girl who has nothing.but gives everything.

i met her brother.a brother that has experienced a lot.doesn't have a room to himself.he sleeps in a room with his 2 sisters.he sleeps in a toddler bed.he's 12.way too big for this bed.but he's content.

i saw her sister.a cute sister. a happy sister.all she wants is to be loved.nothing else.

i met her dad.a dad.has nothing gave everything.a dad who can't wait for the world cup."football"he calls it.although can't find a job to pay the rent on the apartment.but doesn't complain.

i met her mom.a normal mom.loves her children.doesn't have a job either.but doesn't complain.

this family is from Liberia,Africa.near foya.they have just arrived here in the u.s. not to long ago.they speak almost fluent English.this family is one amazing,strong,wonderful family.

interesting facts:

the little girls name is jenneh.

she's my sisters best friend.

in my sisters class.

jenneh's brother Robert goes to my school.

jenneh's mom is going to teach my mom how to make African dishes the right way.

my mom gave jenneh's family some pictures of Liberia when she went in the one of the pictures there as 2 young girls and a mom selling material.jenneh's mom asked my mom if they lived in foya and my mom replied yes.then jenneh's mom said that she was pretty sure she knew who they were.

the pictures that my mom gave this family are the only memories they have to hold in their hands of where they used to live and the community that surrounded them.

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