Tuesday, July 6, 2010

prayer works

i had never thought once that prayer is something that is so valuable. i had never thought that prayer actually works. i had never thought that when you pray and God agrees that things can happen so fast right in front of your eyes. i never thought any of this until June 29th 2010. on this day one of my friends came to Christ. i had been praying for this person the minute he walked in the door for youth group. knowing nothing about him, i prayed for him. i don't exactly know why i prayed specifically for him. i didn't know what to pray for him, so i decided to pray for his faith in Christ.i think the Holy Spirit was telling me to do so. anyway, i prayed for this boy for a year and a half and then on June 29th, 2010, at Silver Birch Ranch he gave his life to Christ. not only did he give himself away but his actions changed tremendously. i continue to pray for him that he may grow stronger in the Lord day by day.Amen.

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