Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top 10 remember able questions we ask about Katy....

1.who else would think of the idea of painting ourselves with chalk?
2.why do we pay Dubai money at Dairy Queen?
3.why do we hide unknown frozen letters in the freezer?
4.why do we tell stories about what will most likely happen if you draw blood?
5.why do we watch Taylor Swift music videos until we hear the car pull into the driveway?
6.why do we talk about the benefits of making a vow?
7.who else would love us more than we can ever imagine? (minus God!)
8.who else would turn into our sister within a short period of time knowing her?
9.who else would you look up to as your older sister?
10.why wouldn't you want her to be a very special part of your life?there are no reasons.

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